Clay Meadows / Northwest Bay Cemetery 
Bolton Landing, Warren County, New York 
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Burials: 1827 - 1906

Number of known burials: 19

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Transcribed by: Cathy Converse, 2003
History gathered by: Edgar Caldwell, May, 2004
Photo by: Cindy Ackerle, Oct 2003
Based on transcriptions by: Mary St. John, Sept. 17, 1961
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Clay Meadows was one of the oldest settlements in the town of Bolton.  These early settlers, fearing possible attacks following the Revolutionary War, were seeking a protected area above and away from the battlegrounds of Lake George.  Due to the over cutting of forest land in the 1700's, most of the area surrounding Lake George was void of trees.  While Clay Meadows was less than ideal farm land, its inhabitants did manage a meager existence from farming, fishing, logging, hunting and trapping.  In the early part of the 1900's the settlement fell into disuse and the road leading to Clay Meadows was abandoned.  During the 1940's, The New York State Civilian Conservation Corps planted 100's of 5 inch tall seedling pine trees.  The now giant 80 foot tall pines obscure the view of Northwest Bay and the settlement that once existed here.  Time has taken its toll on the existing monuments and over the years vandals desecrated graves and damaged tombstones. In the 1990's, permission was obtained to put a fence around the cemetery.  In October of 2003 members of the Bolton Historical Society and seniors from Bolton Central School cleaned up much of the brush and overgrowth.
Tombstone inscriptions

Index of burials

Surname Given name Birth Death
Burgess Elizabeth 1806 1893
Burgess Henry 1834 1901
Burgess Jonathan 1840 1906
Burgess Martin 1801 1877
Burgess Polly 1834 1862
Burgess Theodore M. 1874 1877
Burgess Granger Annis 1845
Cutlar Huldah P.  1800 1827
Dalrymple Luther 1791 1866
Davis Allen 182??
Davis Ichabod J. 1782 1851
Dunn Mary ?? 1834
Merrill Daniel 1794 1879
Merrill Minerva 1803 1881
Merrill Barber Eliza 1812 1887
Pike Dorotha 1779 1874
Watson Joseph W. 1782 1857
Watson Leonard J. 1879
Watson Levin 1795 1866

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