1850 Federal Census 
Mortality Schedule
Warren County, New York 

Deaths in Warren County June 1849 through May 1850, by town
Athol: 16
Bolton: 10
Caldwell: 4
Chester: 16
Glens Falls: 25
Hague: 2
Horicon: 5
Johnsburg: 18
Luzerne: 15
Queensbury: 22
Warrensburg: 13
All of Warren County: 146

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1850 Mortality Schedule information
A typewritten copy of the 1850 Mortality Schedule is located at the Warren County Archives.  All care was taken, to avoid errors in the transcription of this index.

Part of the 1850 Federal Census included a Mortality Schedule. Census day was June 1, 1850.  Death's that occurred within the previous 12 months of this date, were recorded on this census addendum.  Death's in the months June through December, occurred in 1849.  Deaths from January through May, occurred in 1850.  Information included name, age, sex, mariatal status, birth place, month of death, cause of death, duration of illness and town.

This alphabetical index includes all people counted in the 1850 Mortality Schedule living in Warren County.  All information from the Mortality schedule is included in this index.  You will need to refer to the original documents or microfilm copies for information included in the complete census.

1850 Mortality Schedule

Surname Given name Age Sex marriage Birth Place Death Cause duration Town
Aldrich James D. 2 mo. m NY March Croup 4 da. Athol
Aldrich Myra 52 f M NY September Diarrhea 10 da. Luzerne
Allen Azro S 6 mo. m NY February Worms 11 da. Queensbury
Allen John H 2 m NY September Cholera 5 da. Johnsburg
Austin Byron H 1 mo. m NY June Sprue 3 wks. Glens Falls
Baldwin Nathan R 29 M NY January Smallpox 10 da. Glens Falls
Barrett Sarah L 2 f NY November Croup 3 da. Chester
Bates Ellen J 2 f NY October Dysentery 21 da. Johnsburg
Bates Marius 1 da. m NY March Dysentery 1 da. Johnsburg
Bates Thomas W 4 m NY November Croup 3 da. Johnsburg
Beadleston Sally 70 f M NY February Cancer Queensbury
Beckwith Elen J 7 f VT February Bilious fever 3 da. Glens Falls
Bennett Charles W 1 m NY September Diarrhea 4 da. Queensbury
Birch James 65 m SCO January Consumption 8 da. Athol
Boyd Eunice 58 f VT October Dropsy 2 mo. Bolton
Bradley Sarah M 1 mo.  f NY May Convulsions 1 da. Chester
Bradshaw Mary 85 f W CT February Old age Glens Falls
Brown Margaret 34 f NY December Confined 1 da. Johnsburg
Bryant William 0 86 m NY March Apoplexy sudden. Warrensburg
Buck Helen M 4 f NY September Diarrhea 5 wks. Luzerne
Bulliss Rebecca M 10 f NY February Infl. of brain 14 da. Glens Falls
Burnham Arthur 6 mo.  m NY July Infl. of brain 3 da. Chester
Burnham David 83 W MA. December Dropsy 2 mo. Queensbury
Burnham Margaret 73 f M NY September Cholera 6 da. Queensbury
Burton Lydia 20 f NY July Consumption 6 mo. Queensbury
Buttles Albert 5 mo.  m NY August Convulsions chronic Luzerne
Cameron Nancy 64 f NY January Consumption 14 da. Athol
Cameron Peter 2 m NY September Cholera 4 da. Athol
Cameron Sarah E 5 f NY September Cholera 10 da. Athol
Carpenter Abigail E 1 mo.  f NY April Croup 12 da. Chester
Chadwick Joseph 56 M NH January Consumption 18 mo. Bolton
Coffin George 9 m NY January Infl. of bowels 10 da. Glens Falls
Collar Jane E 38 f M NY March Perp. fever 3 wks. Chester
Comstock John A 52 M NY July Consumption 2 mo.  Glens Falls
Cornell Amy D  58 f M NY May Consumption 3 mo. Queensbury
Cox Sally H 3 f NY February Worms 28 da. Johnsburg
Crandell Freelove 35 f M NY April Infl. of liver 3 wks. Queensbury
Cross Halsey R 37 M NY October Diarrhea 13 da.  Luzerne
Cross Mary 22 f NY September Diarrhea 9 da.  Luzerne
Cross Stephen 71 M VT November Consumption 6 mo. Luzerne
Dane Sarah 20 f NY November Fit 1 da. Athol
Davis Mary 80 f Unk. July Cancer 3 mo. Warrensburg
Dean Martha 20 f NY August Consumption 7 mo. Glens Falls
Dearborn Lorenzo 20 m NH October Consumption 3 mo. Warrensburg
Dexter Jane 62 f M NY December Disease of heart 1 yr. Queensbury
Dickinson Samuel 26 m NY August Cholera 11 da. Caldwell
Doty Angelina 21 f NY January Infl. of lungs 7 da. Chester
Eastman son of Horace 1 mo.  m NY February Convulsions 1 da. Chester
Elms Angeline B 2 f NY July Unk. 3 wks. Queensbury
Estes Frederick 1 mo. M MA June Consumption 6 mo. Queensbury
Fennel Charlotte 2 f NY August Bowel compl .  2 mo. Glens Falls
Fennel Wolcott 1 mo.  m NY July Unk. 1 wk. Glens Falls
French Eleanor 2 f NY January Infl. of lungs 14 da. Bolton
Frost Abial 76 m NY April Dropsy 2 da. Athol
Frost Elizabeth 5 f NY October Cholera M. 13 da. Athol
Fuller Olive 45 f NY May Consumption chronic Warrensburg
Garfield Philander 61 f W NY October Unk. sudden. Hague
Getchell Electa 26 f M NY January Consumption 6 mo. Horicon
Gifford Marion 2 mo. f NY December Unk. sudden Luzerne
Gleason Elizabeth 1 f NY April Whooping couth 6 wks. Luzerne
Goodman Lucy 46 f MA June Consumption on  3 mo . Bolton
Goodman Samuel C 2 m NY October Cholera morbus 2 da. Bolton
Gould John 80 M MA February Old age Warrensburg
Gray Thomas S 1 m NY September Cholera 3 da. Athol
Gray 1 mo.  m NY May Unk. 1 da. Athol
Griffin Elizabeth 61 f M NY March Apoplexy sudden Queensbury
Hammond Helen M  20 f M NY May Consumption 3 mo. Caldwell
Harrington Harriet  1 mo. f NY August Canker 4 da. Queensbury
Harris Daniel G  54 M RI April Dis. of heart sudden Glens Falls
Hartman Joseph  22 m NY February Consumption 5 mo. Luzerne
Hewill William  1 m NY July Consumption 7 da. Johnsburg
Hewitt Jay H 3 m NY September Cholera 5 da. Johnsburg
Hill Adeline 22 f M NY July Consumption chronic Horicon
Hirle Lois 27 f NY May Infl of lungs 6 wks. Glens Falls
Hitchcock Urbane 4 m NY July Infl of lungs 5 da. Johnsburg
Howard Annah 4 f NY December Croup 7 da. Warrensburg
Jones Betsey 41 f M NY November Consumption chronic Hague
Kenyon William H  64 m IRE November Conpt. lungs 90 da. Johnsburg
Knapp Albert  1 m NY April Unk. sudden Queensbury
Knapp Obadiah  84 W CT May Old Age Chester
Knox Albert 19 m NY June Cholera morb. 6 da. Glens Falls
Latimore John 25 m IRE June Consumption 3 mo. Queensbury
Lewis Emery A 3 mo.  m NY September Sprue 3 wks. Glens Falls
Lindsay Louisa 37 f NY September Chol. morbus 6 da. Luzerne
Lord Esther 53 f M NY September Consumption 18 mo. Queensbury
Madison Deantha 3 f NY September Cholera 3 da. Athol
Maloney James 4 m NY June Drowned accident Glens Falls
Martin Clark V.B. 29 m NY December Bilious fever 4 mo. Glens Falls
Martindale Betsey 38 f M NY September Diarrhea 10 da. Luzerne
Mattison Elen L 4 mo.  f NY December Infl. of brain 14 da. Bolton
May Nancy 54 f M Ml January Unk. 2 wks. Horicon
McAlley Cynthia G 11 mo.  f NY July Dysentery 4 da. Glens Falls
McDonald Jane 23 f M NY May Consumption 4 mo. Warrensburg
McDonald Mary 29 f M NY March Consumption 2 mo. Warrensburg
McGuigan Elizabeth 62 f IRE January Dropsy 1 mo. Glens Falls
Mead Isaiah 46 M NY April Gravel 3 mo. Caldwell
Mead Lydia 47 f M NY October Dysentery 3 wks. Chester
Mead Mary F 2 f NY June Dysentery 4 wks. Chester
Middleton George 3 m NY October Croup 5 da. Warrensburg
Mills Thomas 1 m NY March Croup 7 da. Chester
Mixter George W 3 m NY September Croup 2 da. Warrensburg
Moon Elizabeth 1 f NY October Cholera 13 da. Athol
Moon Susan 3 f NY October Cholera 4 da. Athol
Mosher William B 47 M VT June Dropsy 2 mo. Caldwell
Munger Henry 34 M NY November Diabetes 1 yr. Glens Falls
Murdock Adeline 25 f NY July Consumption chronic Bolton
Nobles Mary 67 f NY October Apoplexy 2 da. Johnsburg
Norton Henry D 20 m NY May Infl. of bowls 5 da. Bolton
Ogden Reuben  69 M NY May Typhoid fever 16 da. Queensbury
Osborn Myron  61 M CT January Consumption 6 wks. Glens Falls
Ostrom Mary 56 f M NY September Diarrhea 20 da. Luzerne
Palmeter David R 1 m NY February Infl. of lungs 3 wks. Glens Falls
Pasco Maria 44 f NY May Fever 7 da. Johnsburg
Pasco Sherman 3 mo. m NY August Dysentery 5 da. Johnsburg
Porter Lorentus 58 m VT November Loss of leg 24 da. Athol
Portman Erick 67 m SWE May Cons. of liver 2 mo. Warrensburg
Potter Charlotte 35 f M NY November Dis. of heart 5 mo. Warrensburg
Taylor Sarah E 8 mo.  f NY January Smallpox 10 da. Chester
Tearse Calvin E 8 mo.  f NY February Consumption 2 mo. Glens Falls
Tearse Robert R 33 M NY June Consumption 9 mo. Glens Falls
Tripp Ann 66 f M NY December Putrid sore throat 6 da. Warrensburg
Tripp Charles F 1 m NY October Cholera 7 da. Athol
Tripp Phebe A 22 f M NY December Diarrhea 7 da. Chester
Trumble Alexander 84 m NY April Inf. of kidney 16 da. Johnsburg
VanBenthuysen Polly 67 f W NY September Af. of heart sudden Chester
Varnum Esther 34 f NY April Infl. of lungs 3 wks. Bolton
Varnum Miles 22 m NY October Consumption 9 mo. Bolton
Waddle Evaline 42 f NY September Cholera m. 42 da. Johnsburg
Waddle Robert 50 m NY December Cholera m.  13 da. Johnsburg
Wager John C 2 m NY October Unk. 12 da. Luzerne
Wager Rachael 32 f M NY February Consumption 1 yr. Luzerne
Ward Bethana 27 f NY April Fit 1 da. Johnsburg
Ward Bethany 27 f NY April Fits 14 da. Johnsburg
Waters Amos 18 m NY January Consumption chronic Horicon
Waters Elijah 13 NY September Consumption 6 mo. Horicon 
Wells Amy 62 f M NY August Palsey sudden Queensbury
Wells George H  7 m NY August Diarrhea 14 da. Luzerne
West William  16 m NY April Inf. rhum 6 yr. Chester
Weston James D  48 M NY September Bilious fever 3 wks. Glens Falls
Wilcox Julia A  20 f NY September Consumption 40 da. Athol
Williams Lucy  31 f NY January Consumption chronic Queensbury
Williams Lucy  35 f NY January Unk. sudden Queensbury
Williams Ruliff  11 mo. m NY February Infl. of lungs 4 da. Queensbury
Willson Benjamin  78 M MA March Old age Chester
Wing William  5 m NY February Infl. of lungs 2 wks Queensbury
Wythe Lucy 54 f M ENG November Consumption 3 yrs. Glens Falls

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