1930 Federal Census of Bolton, NY
1930 Federal Census Veterans
Bolton, Warren County, New York 

Civil War Veterans: 3
World War I Veterans: 37

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1930 Census information
The 1930 Federal Census is stored at the National Archives (film # T626-1656, ED 57-1).  A copy of the microfilm is available for public perusal at the Historical Society of the Town of Bolton (reservation required).  All care and accuracy were taken in transcribing this index.  As the original data were handwritten, errors caused by handwriting interpretation, legibility or condition of the census sheet are possible.

The 1930 Federal Census enumerator listed by name all individuals living in a household and their relationship to head of family.  It also contains information about a household's occupants including: birthplaces, occupations, immigration, citizenship, and military service.

This Veteran  index includes all people counted in the 1930 Federal Census living in the Village of Bolton Landing and the Town of Bolton, that indicated they were veterans. You will need to refer to the original documents or microfilm copies to find out other information not included in this index.

Civil War

Surname Given name Birth Place
Harriss Clark New York 
Weaver Jay New York 
Dudley Peter New York 

World War I

Surname Given name Birth Place
Brown Albert New York 
Taylor Alexander New York 
Lamb Arthur G New York 
Baker Bernard B New York 
Monroe Calvin P New York 
Ainsworth Delbert New York 
Rising Earl B New York 
Bentley Edgar W New York 
Baldwin Edward A Connecticut 
Pratt Ernest C New York 
Morehouse Florian New York 
Hiltbrand Fred L New York 
Wells Fred R New York 
Eggleston George New York 
Wright George F New York 
Smith Harry B New York
Frasier Hymen New York 
Hitchcock Irving B New York
Smith James D New York
Truax Leonard New York 
Duell Lester S New York 
Norton Levi B New York 
Hausen Lyle Michigan 
Putney Lynn New York 
Putney Melvin J New York 
Wilcox Paul M New York 
Rosman Paul S New York 
Hill Percy M New York 
Hill Ralph H New York 
Remington Ralph H New York 
Chamberlain Ray A Minnesota 
Gates Rupert M New York 
Wilcox Walter New York 
Dagles Walter M New York 
Ward Warner G New York 
Taylor William New York 
Krohn William R New Jersey

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