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Bolton Funeral Records 1932-1955
Bolton Landing, Warren County, New York
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There were two funeral homes in Bolton Landing as noted in the William Preston Gates book “Old Bolton” page 123 (used by permission). “In 1932, the Wells, Stafford & Regan Funeral Home was established on the corner of Horicon Avenue and Second Street. During the 1950’s, Art French established a later funeral home on the corner of Horicon Avenue and Brook Street”. The whereabouts of the records for Art French's Funeral Home are not known.

Records for this database contain various names for the funeral home; Wells Stafford Regan and Bullard appear in various combinations. Records dated beginning in 1932, indicating that these records are from the first funeral home in Bolton Landing (corner of Horicon and Second St).

Mr. Gates has done further research indicating Fred Wells was the funeral director of this funeral home.

Copies of these records were supplied by Sandi Parisi Town Historian of Warrensburg and the Warrensburg Historical Society. The original records were copied by Mable Tucker. The whereabouts of the original records is not known.

This transcription includes 300 individuals whose funerals were processed in Bolton Landing, New York between March 1, 1932 and May 31, 1955. Information in this transcription includes a large amount of data of genealogical interest;

Some records have additional notes of genealogical interest such as the name and addresses of relatives, name and address of Estate administrator, cremation location, Veteran status, length of hospital stay, and SSN. Not all records contain complete information.

Information not indexed include the name of embalmer, clergyman, certifying physician, place of funeral, itemization of expenses for personal services including body transportation, source and model of casket and other funeral accessories such as flowers, clothing, tent, etc., length of residence, burial date (usually the same as funeral date) and the publisher of the death notice.

Over 95% of the death notices were noted as being sent to both Glens Falls newspapers, the PostStar and the Times. The Times stopped printing in the 1970’s and the PostStar is still in print. Microfilm copies of death notices and/or obituaries for the people whose funeral were held in Bolton can be located at the New York State Library, Albany, NY, or the Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY.)

All care and accuracy was taken in transcribing these records. As the original data were handwritten, then copied errors caused by handwriting interpretation, legibility or condition of the pages are possible. Question marks indicate information that was cut off during the copy process.

Transcribed May and June 2012 by James M. Miller

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