Bolton History
Bolton Landing, Warren County, New York 

Established: March 25, 1799

Size: originally over 200 square miles and part of Washington County

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Sketches from: History of Warren County, Edited by William H. Brown, Published by the Board of Supervisors of Warren County, printed by the printing department of the Glens Falls Post Office.
Used by permission.

1799 When Bolton annexed from Thurman on March 25, 1799, it included all of what later became known as Hague (formerly Rochester), Horicon and part of Lake George (formerly Caldwell).  Chester and Bolton were annexed from Thurman on the same day

Rochester split from Bolton April 6, 1807.  It's boundaries once included what is now Horicon.  The name of the town changed from Rochester to Hague exactly one year later. 1807

1810 Caldwell was created from areas of Bolton, Queensbury and Thurman as of March 27, 1810.  The town changed its name to Lake George on April 24, 1962 conforming to the village.

Horicon formed from part of Bolton and Hague on April 4, 1838 1838

1963 Warren County today, look pretty much as it did in 1963.

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