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September 23, 2016
Museum will re-open Memorial Day 2017

August 10, 2016 - Museum expansion continues.
Museum will NOT be opening this summer!

Unfortunately, unforeseen complications have postponed our opening.  The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, both have been excellent on this project and we look forward to a big opening for Summer 2017.
October 16, 2015 - Winners of the 2015 Hornbeck Canoe raffle were William & Maureen Theisz of Westwood, NJ.  Long time visitors to Bolton Landing. Thank you to all who purchased tickets.

September 28, 2015 -Welcome to Our new Museum Director
Jaclyn Andersen
July 9, 2015 - Join us on Linkedin

Summer Hours
Open Daily
Starting TBA

10 A.M. - 4 P.M
Fridays & Saturdays.

7 P.M. - 9 P.M.

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