World War I Honor Roll
Bolton, Warren County, New York

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Transcribed by: Patricia Steele
Web page created by: James M. Miller, January 1, 2005 
Page last edited: July 20, 2005 
Used by permission

The following is a transcription taken from the war memorial located in Bolton Landing, NY.

Surname Given name
Armstrong Sylvester
Bailey Claude
Bailey Howard J
Baillie Milton C
Baker Bernard B
Baker Roger F
Baldwin Edgar
Banker James L
Barber Henry U
Beers George J
Bentley Edgar W
Beswick Arthur G
Beswick John H
Boyce Paul L
Brown Frank B
Brown Leigh A
Brown Ralph B
Brown Samuel A
Bryan Buckley J
Burch Cecil A
Chamberlain Ray
Coon Owney R
Dagles Forest L
Dagles Walter M
Duell Lester S
Durrin Arthur
Eddy Lee
Farmer Robert
Finkle Arthur
Finkle Henry
Finkle Jr. Oscar G
Fosmer Paul S
Fraser Juliue
Frasier Joseph C
French James E
Frye Douglas H
Gates Rupert
Goodwin Edward S
Granger Fred W
Granger Herbert C
Hanson Lyle G
Hastings Harold J
Hastins Asa L
Hill Percy M
Hill Ralph H
Kellogg Jr. George
Knauth Oswald W
Knauth Victor W
Krohn William R
Lagoy Arthur
Lamb Arthur G
McCauliff James W
McElroy John L
McEvoy Eddie
McGrain James
Monroe Calvin
Monroe Theron
Morehourse Florian J
Neumann John
Norton Levi
Norton Lewis J
Perry Dana N
Perry George E
Perry Hardwin
Potter Earl E
Pratt Clifford A
Pratt Ernest C
Pratt Leroy
Pratt Percy F
Preston Elmer F
Putney Bryon
Putney Earl
Putney Lynn
Putney Melvin J
Reggelman William
Reis George
Remington Ralph
Revis John L
Rising Carl J
Roberts William A
Robinson Sidney
Seaman Amidon
Seaman William
Seamn Alan M
Sherlock  Ernest
Smith Abner S
Smith Andrew L
Smith Henry B
Smith Irving J
Smith James D
Spatney Charles D
Stires Ernest V
Swinton Ray W
Tabor Harold P
Taylor Alexander
Taylor Sarah L
Taylor William J
Tripp Hiram
Truax Leonard O
Veltree Harry
Wade Leslie
Wakley Milton T
Ward Warner G
Weaver Milo W
Wells Benton R
Wells Fred R
Wells Vinton R
Wilcom Chauncey
Wilcox Paul M
Wilcox Walter S
Wilson Clarence E
Wilson Edward
Wilson Ernest L
Wilson Leroy E
Wisell Stanley S
Wood Percy
Wright Frank G

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