Korean War Honor Roll
Bolton, Warren County, New York

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Original transcription by: Patricia Steele
Web page created by: James M. Miller, January 1, 2005 
Page last updated: August 1, 2018
Used by permission

The following is a transcription taken from the war memorial located in Bolton Landing, NY.

Surname  Given name
Adinolfi Frank J
Bailey Howard J. Jr.
Bantham Alfred
Bantham Harry C
Barlow Milo L
Barlow Robert
Benson Lester
Brichner Roger
Brickner Frederick
Brown Robert H
Butler Forest N
Cady David A E
Coon George E
Coon Owney Jr.
Curren Jr. Arthur H
Curren Walter
Curri Thomas E
Defries William G
Depan Mary E
Dodge Richard
Duggan John
Duggan Leo
Eysinger Donald
Finkle Robert
Freidin Richard G
French Frank S
French Ross S
Frick Henry W
Friday Donald J
Funaro Joseph H
Gates Robert T
Gilman Richard M
Goutos Christopher
Haigh Andrew D
Harrington Lorenzo
Harris Patience
Hill Marilyn
Jordan Rollin
McElroy Edward
Miner Richard M
Monroe Arthur
Monroe Charles H
Monroe Fred
Oliver Raymond S. Jr.
Ormsby Richard
Owens Roderick H
Peters Kenneth M
Pfau Andrew W
Potter Raymond
Pratt Edward H
Pratt Joseph
Pratt Thomas L
Randerson Tremper
Richards Charles O
Roberts Derry
Rogers Royal C. Jr.
Ross Fredrick M
Ross Lewis
Russell Richard
Ryder Raymond
Shipman Richard C
Smith Frederick
Smith Martin P
Smith Robert
Snyder James D
Sommer Moses
Stewart Edward H
Streeter William
Swire Richard B
Swire Robert B
Truax Charles J
Wittnebert Robert
Woolschlager Ruth
Young Peter G

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