The Historical Society of the
        Town of Bolton

Historical Markers in Bolton, NY
(in recommended driving order)

1. John Thurman's Sawmill

2. Villa Marie Antoinette - Beckers' Gate House

3. The Huddle

4. Sembrich Museum & Lakeside Grounds

5. 1913 Warren County Marker

6. George Reis Home

7. The Sagamore Hotel

8. Cadet Shipwreck

9. The Moorings

10. Goodman Corner & Post Office Site

11. War Monument


Bolton Historical Markers
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Students in Mr. Andrejkovics’ 5th grade class visited 11 of the historical markers in the town of Bolton Landing. Using their iPads, the students captured a photo of the marker.  With the help of Town Historian Ted Caldwell, they learned about the historical significance of the location.  In Mrs. Field’s Library class, they researched the history of the marker in more detail using Old Bolton written by Mr. Bill Gates.  Upon completion of the research, they created Power Point presentations in Computer class with Mrs. Trowbridge.
- Map by John Gaddy - 


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